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5 Reasons Why you Should Get a More Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan?

Your current HMO may be good, but is it good enough?

An HMO will probably be your first health coverage plan. You usually receive this as part of your corporate job benefits, or you may be a step further in your health plan game and have already purchased a separate health insurance plan.

But what if you can have a health insurance plan that lets you choose more? More coverage, more benefits, more flexibility.

Maybe it’s time you consider availing of a health insurance plan. While this may be an additional cost on top of your current expenses, its benefits (which are far more than your existing HMO plan) are worth every single one of your peso.

If you are interested but still not sure what to look for in a health plan, consider these four benefits:

It allows you to choose your preferred doctor or medical facility outside of the Philippines.

Your current HMO or health insurance may be good, but can it cover your medical expenses when you are outside of the country? With a health insurance, you can relax because this is definitely covered.

Tip: Look for a health insurance plan that also provides medical evacuation and repatriation. This is a plus-factor especially if you and your companion need to travel to-and-from abroad for medication.

It gives you access to hassle-free medical consultations.

Need to consult a doctor but can’t visit a clinic? Some health plans offer telemedicine services to their policyholders. No need to visit the hospital or a doctor’s clinic. With just a call, you can get access to medical advice from expert physicians.

Tip: Consider health plans with 24/7 telemedicine services. You may need a doctor’s advice at the wee hours of the night.

It offers quick and easy claims process.

Claiming process is a dreaded step in availing your health coverage. It’s usually a lot of hassle to queue just to get your coverage. Get a health insurance plan that offers a quick way of claiming your benefits.

Tip: Check out health insurance plans that allow you to reimburse your medical expenses by taking a photo of your claims document.

It provides you wellness services.

Health insurance should not be limited to a coverage when you are already sick. Step-up your next health plan with features that you can enjoy even when you’re perfectly healthy such as gym memberships, dental services, and other physical activity programs.

Tip: Search for health insurance plans that cover alternative medicine such as acupuncture.

Are you now interested on having a health insurance? Check out Allianz PNB Life’s Allianz Well! and Allianz Compass. It gives you superior health coverage and benefits, fit for health-savvy people like you. Click on the links below to visit Allianz Well! and Allianz Compass, or send an email at [email protected] to know more about our health plans.

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