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Payment Facilities

Pay premiums easily

You can pay your premiums easily. Be ready with your policy number, premium due date, amount of premium due.

As a courtesy and added service to all policy owners, the company sends reminders ahead premium date.

  • Billing Notices are sent thru Philpost to your mailing address –on record sixty (60) days before premium due date.
  • Premium due follow-up call is made starting on the 16th day from your due date.
  • Premium due reminders are sent via SMS or E-mail addresses on record.

To help us communicate with you on time, effectively and accurately always submit to us your updated, complete, correct mailing address, telephone number, e-mail, facebook or twitter accounts.


Choose your most convenient payment method:

1. Cash or Cheque Payment through PNB and PNB Savings Bills Payment Facility, subject to the following limitations:

  • Cheque payment is subject to clearing.
  • UDS Cheque payment is subject to a longer clearing period and payment of service charges (both to the client and to the company).
  • USD Cheque is not allowed for Unit Linked policies.

a. Completely fill out PNB Bills Payment Slip at any PNB or PNB Savings branch.
b. Write the Merchant’s Name, i.e., Allianz PNB Life Insurance, Inc.
c. Write your Policy No.
d. Write the name of the Policyowner
e. Write the amount to be paid.
f. Submit the fully accomplish Bills Payment Slip together with your payment to the Bank Teller.
g. Wait for your/client copy of the validated Bills Payment Slip

2. Auto Debit Arrangement

  • For PNB Accountholders with Savings account only
  • Applicable to Peso-denominated policies for PNB account holders
  • Applicable to Dollar-denominated policies for original ABC account holders only
  • Enrollment to this facility is required.
  • Enrollment forms can be downloaded from or secured from any PNB branch.

3. Bancnet Online

  • For accountholders of Bancnet-member banks (excluding Metrobank, HSBC, Citibank and PSBank)
  • For Peso-denominated policies only

a. Log on to
b. Choose the bank where you maintain an account
c. Click the “I agree” button in the Terms and Conditions page
d. Click “Payment”.
e. Choose “PNB Life Insurance, Inc.” from the drop down list.
f. Enter your policy number in the Subscriber Number portion.
g. Choose your bank from the drop down list.
h. Enter your ATM Card Number in the space provided and choose the account type from the drop down list.
i. Enter the premium amount in the space “Amount to be Paid”.
j. Enter your ATM PIN and click “Submit”.
k. Review your payment details in the System Confirmation screen and click “Continue”
l. Note the trace number that will appear on-screen. You are encouraged to print the confirmation details for your future reference.

4. PNB Internet Banking System (IBS)

  • For PNB accountholders who have subscribed to PNB internet banking service
  • For peso-denominated policies only

5. Allianz PNB Life Financial Advisor

  • Please request for the issuance of a Provisional Receipt (PR).
  • Official Receipt (OR) will be sent to your mailing address on record.

6. Home Office Cashier

7. Cash, Check, or Debit Account thru Bills Payment with Metrobank

  • Go to the nearest / most convenient Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. (MBTC) Branch.
  • Get a copy of Metrobank’s “Payment Slip” (please see SAMPLE copy) and accomplish the required information/details:

    a. Company Name: PNB Life or PNB Life Insurance or PNB Life Insurance, Inc.
    b. Subscriber Name: JUAN DELA CRUZ
    c. Reference No.:
    d. Subscriber No.: (Note: Mandatory for alphanumeric policy no.)
    e. Telephone No.:
    f. Mode of Payment Indicate if Cash, Check or Debit Account
    d. Amount of Payment (Numeric w/ 2 Decimal Places)
    - i.e In Figures (Php XXX,XXX.XX)
    - i.e In Words (One Thousand Pesos)
    g. Payment Details (Cash Denomination Breakdown)
    Note: Slips are to be accomplished in duplicate copies.
    - 1st Copy – Bank’s copy
    - 2nd Copy – Client’s copy

  • Present payment slip to MBTC Teller together with cash.
  • Once validated, MBTC Teller will give the Payor a validated copy.
  • Before leaving the counter, check and verify the copy received (Payment Slip serves as proof of payment);

    a. If validated.
    b. And, if the copy was the one accomplished and presented to the MBTC Teller.

8. Via MetrobankDirect

  • Go to your Metrobank branch of account and enroll in MetrobankDirect.
  • Login to and select ”Pay Bills”.
  • Under ”Insurance” , choose “PNB Life Insurance ” from the dropdown list of billers.
  • Enter your Subscriber Number: (Note: Mandatory for alphanumeric policy no.)
  • Enter your Phone Number:
  • Choose ”Account Number” where the payment will be sourced from.
  • Enter the Amount you wish to pay. 10,000.00
  • Select “Immediate Payment” (account is immediately deducted upon confirmation) or “Future Dated” and click “Continue” button.
  • Click “Confirm” button for the system to process your payment.
  • View or print Transaction Acknowledgment Receipt as proof of payment.

9. Via Metrobank Mobile Banking

  • Go to your Metrobank branch of account and enroll your Globe, Sun or Smart phone in Mobile Banking.
  • Access the Metrobank Mobile Banking Applet installed in your mobile phone and select ”Pay Bills”.
  • Select ”Insurance” and then select “PNB Life Insurance ”
  • Select the “Account Number” from which the payment will be sourced from.
  • Enter your Subscriber Number: (Note: Mandatory for alphanumeric policy no.)
  • Enter your Reference Number (Year & Course):
  • Enter the Amount you wish to pay: 10,000.00
  • Key in your 6 digit MPIN to confirm the transaction.
  • Wait for SMS confirmation of the status of your payment and save the message for future reference.


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