Frequently Asked Questions

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Allianz eAZy Health is a 5-year renewable insurance plan that provides coverage against cancer, heart attack, stroke, coronary artery bypass surgery and all other illnesses that can impact your physical and functional abilities. Aside from this, Allianz eAZy Health also provides protection in case of accident or death.
Your illness may be covered under Enhanced Critical Illness wherein instead of looking at the specific illness, we will be assessing the impact to the body through our assessment. If our assessment is above the minimum severity level, we will be covering the illness.
eAZy Health has 4 plan types with Benefit amount from P500,000 to P2,000,000.
No, premiums will be based on the Insured’s attained age upon renewal.
Yes, provided no claims were made in the preceding 5-year period. This can be credited to your chosen bank account or via a cheque.
Yes, however if the Critical Illness benefit has already been claimed, this benefit will no longer be included in the renewed term. You will not be charged for the cost of the Critical Illness benefit anymore. Only the ADDD benefit and the Death Benefit will be renewed.
When you renew, it must be the same package. You are, however, allowed to purchase an additional variant. This is subject to underwriting procedures.
Yes, up to 8-months pregnant.
Critical Illness benefit – once
ADDD Benefit:
Dismemberment – total claims must not exceed 100% of the benefit
Total & Permanent Disability – once
Accidental death benefit will be covered provided that it is not due to an excluded risk. Additional documentation may be required.
Yes we allow this as long as the cardholder is a first degree relative of the Policyowner (spouse / child / parent). Authorization to charge credit card form should be filled up by the cardholder.