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Optimal Power

Allianz PNB Life’s Optimal Power is a single-pay, whole life plan with a value that is directly linked to the performance of the underlying fund, available in peso or dollar.

It brings together the opportunities of investing in expertly managed funds with its guaranteed insurance protection of at least 125% of your investment while having optimum flexibility in determining its features.

Features and benefits:

Make those Add-ons

Add investments anytime to your Optimal Power Policy while it is in force through a Top-up Premium.

Have the power to decide when to cash in
  • Withdraw any amount from your fund anytime. You have 4 free withdrawals per policy year.

Switch and reshape your portfolio

Reallocate your funds to another type or combination up to 2 free switches within a policy year.

Go for a loyalty bonus
  • Receive a loyalty bonus amounting to 0.5% of the average of your monthly balances after 5 years. Such is recalculated and added to your fund every 5 years.

Pick your choice of investment

For Peso Policies

Peso Optimized Dividend Equity Fund (PODEF)
An equity fund that seeks dividend income and capital appreciation by investing in a customized basket of stocks of no more than 20 companies listed in the Philippines Stock Exchange that are highly liquid and actively traded. This basket considers companies that have a history of regular declaration of dividends, and provides the highest dividend yields.

Peso Multi-sector Equity Fund (PMSEF)
An equity fund that aims for long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified basket of stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange that are highly liquid, actively traded, and belonging to top companies in each of the six sector indices.

Peso Fixed Income Fund (PFIF)
The Fund seeks to achieve preservation of capital and income growth over a period of time by investing in a diversified portfolio of Philippine peso-denominated fixed income instruments.

Peso Equity Fund (PEF)
The objective of this Fund is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in a concentrated portfolio of stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Peso Balanced Fund (PBF)
This Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital growth, by investing in both Philippine peso-denominated fixed income securities and a concentrated portfolio of stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Peso Money Market Fund (PMMF)
This Fund is designed to ensure capital preservation and liquidity while still earning yields on short-term placements. It will invest only in cash and near cash investments with an investment horizon of up to one year.

For Dollar Policies

Dollar Flexi Asia Bond Fund (DFABF)
A US Dollar denominated Fund invested in fixed income asset classes in Asia which provides optimal returns through dynamic asset allocation. DFABF is geared towards generating annualized returns while taking into account the opportunities and risks in Asian Bond markets. It aims to provide investors with a stable long-term capital appreciation and income.

Dollar Income & Growth Fund (DIGF)
A US Dollar denominated Fund which is geared towards growth while keeping a lower level of volatility than a pure equity investment. It aims to capture multiple sources of income while managing the risk through adopting a “three-sleeve” approach. This is done by investing primarily in a portfolio consisting of 1/3 US high yield bonds, 1/3 US convertible bonds and 1/3 US equities/equity securities. The Fund aims to provide long term capital appreciation and income.

Dollar Global Equity Fund (DGEF)
A US Dollar denominated Fund geared towards long-term capital growth by investing the Fund’s assets on the global equity market. DGEF aims to provide superior returns by considering securities with above-average potential for profit growth and/or attractive valuations.

Dollar Fixed Income Fund (DFIF)
A US Dollar denominated Fund designed to achieve stable and long-term growth by investing in short, medium and even long-term fixed income securities. The Fund is invested in high-quality fixed-income securities issued by the Philippine government and by financially sound companies issuing securities in the Philippines. DFIF also intends to provide safety in its investment by not investing more than 10% of its assets in any debt instrument in a single company or entity, except of Philippine government related securities.

Choose your level of protection

Option 1 – Level Death Benefit
The Death Benefit is fixed, equal to your Total Sum Assured, until such time that your Fund Value exceeds this amount. Under this option, your desired level of protection is achieved while enjoying a higher potential for accumulation of funds.

Option 2 – Increasing Death Benefit
The Death Benefit is equal to the sum of your Total Sum Assured and your Fund Value. Under this option, you enjoy a higher level of protection over time because as your fund value increases, your level of protection increases.

Investment component:

The Total Fund Value is based on your premiums less charges; less withdrawals; plus earnings of the Funds chosen.

For Optimal Power Peso: Your investment is used to purchase units in any of Six (6) available Funds.
Each Fund’s performance may vary and presents a different level of risk for the client.

For Optimal Power Dollar: Your investment is used to purchase units in any of Four (4) available Funds.
The Fund’s performance may vary and presents certain level of risk for the client.

Available Riders
Accidental Death & Dismemberment (ADD) - is similar to the ADB Rider,with additional benefit in case of disability caused by an accident, certain benefits are payable as defined in Dismemberment Table in the contract.

Fund valuation will be daily. The frequency of the Fund valuation is at the absolute discretion of the Company, but will not be less frequent than monthly. This is published in a major daily newspaper and company website at

Exiting and risks involved
If you are not completely satisfied with the policy that you purchased, you may return it within fifteen (15) days of receipt of policy together with a signed written notice requesting cancellation. After this period, you may surrender this Policy and receive the Total Fund Value based on the next Net Asset Value Price per Unit plus all charges. You may also withdraw a portion of your Fund or switch from one Fund to another, subject to the charges stated above.

Like all other financial products, VULs have their advantages and trade-offs. As an investment-linked insurance product, the policy holder must understand and realize that the product is subject to certain risks, such as, but not limited to investment, credit, interest rate, liquidity, mark-to-market, regulatory, and taxation risks, which would affect the account or fund value of the whole VUL policy.

Allianz PNB Life Insurance Inc. is guided by the investment policies approved by the Insurance Commission (IC) including the IC-issued “Guidelines on Variable Life Insurance Contracts”. The supervision and regulation by the IC, however, does not guarantee the investment returns or protection of the VUL policy against capital loss.

For better understanding of the nature of there aforementioned risks, a table of Definition of Risks is provided in the Sales Illustration.

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