Be prepared for life’s unexpected events by making the right financial decisions today. As a life insurance company in the Philippines, Allianz PNB Life helps you choose the right path to financial success. Whether you need an insurance plan to protect your assets, grow your finances, take care of your health, or prepare for the future, we are the life insurance company in the Philippines you can rely on.
Tell us everything about your financial goals and priorities in life, and our Life Changers will help you find the right investment solution.
Based on your short- and long-term goals, we’ll provide you with a list of insurance plans that will best address your unique needs and lifestyle.
Our insurance plans are designed to protect your life and health, making you well-prepared and confident to face what is yet to come.
Make the right financial decisions today. As a life insurance company in the Philippines, we at Allianz PNB Life are here to help you choose the right path to financial success. Allow us to be your financial partner and offer the solutions you need, depending on your financial situation and goals. Plan with an esteemed life insurance company in the Philippines for a confident tomorrow!

Allianz PNB Life is a life insurance company in the Philippines that is committed to providing you with unique solutions for your specific needs.

Whether you’re just getting started and figuring out how to handle your finances or preparing for your retirement, Allianz PNB Life has an insurance policy to offer and is the life insurance company in the Philippines you can count on. We can also provide you with various options to grow your money and help you achieve financial security in the years to come.

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Live life to the fullest without worrying too much about getting sick. Future-proof your health today by getting the Allianz eAZy Health plan.
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Enjoy a health coverage plan that is made for high-achieving, go-getters like you. Choose Allianz Well! today and start securing your health.
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Grow your money while staying protected with the Optimal Power unit-linked insurance plan. You can now invest in expertly managed funds while enjoying insurance coverage.
Are you curious if you can change the world by investing? Learn more about this and get a head start in investing with the insights of Allianz PNB Life's Head of Investments.
Almost everyone knows that exercise does wonders for your physical health. Having a regular exercise routine can help you lose unwanted weight and even make your body look good.
Investing in your future is one of the key things you should do if you want to live a carefree and comfortable life when you're older. If possible, you should start your investment in your 20s to enjoy its benefits.
You deserve to live a comfortable and secure life after working hard during your younger years. You can achieve this by saving enough money to accommodate your living expenses by the time you retire.
Your means of travel should not compromise your safety. We are making it eAZy to secure the lives of our cyclists.
Global insurer and #1 insurance brand Allianz was recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) as the most sustainable insurer of 2021.