Be prepared for life’s unexpected events by making the right financial decisions today. As one of the leading life insurance companies in the Philippines today, we at Allianz PNB Life are here to help you choose the right path to financial success.

You can count on us to be your financial partner for several years and provide you with the different solutions you need depending on your financial situation or next goal. Whether you need an insurance plan to protect your assets, grow your finances, take care of your health, or prepare for the future, we are here to guide you.

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SPHERe: Savings and Investment, Protection, Health, Education, and Retirement.
Financial Needs Analyzer
SPHERe: Savings and Investment, Protection, Health, Education, and Retirement.
We are behind you in finding the right solutions to reach your financial goals. Try our Financial Needs Analyzer, Allianz Insight, now!

Here’s an exciting look at the successful launch of our brand new Allianz Ride Safe  project: The Ride Safe BGC Bikeyard! 

We are incredibly grateful for our partners at BGC for helping us in creating such a safe space for bikers. Our Bikeyard is equipped with everything the average cyclists needs, from tools to pit stops, all in the effort to promote cleaner and more sustainable travel across the city.

We take pride in the launch of our Ride Safe Program in San Juan City with our donation of bollards for the city's bike lanes and a solar-powered pit stop to help bikers rest and repair their bicycles!

In cooperation with the San Juan local government, we look to promote healthy activities like biking in a safe manner, while supporting and securing a sustainable future!

Ride & rest safely when you visit the many beautiful Allianz Ride Safe bike racks around Manila!

Allianz Ride Safe continues to push cycling as a healthy & sustainable form of transportation, so Filipinos across the country can have confidence in tomorrow.

Know more about our partners in inspiring Filipinos to act towards achieving a braver tomorrow. 

What if we put filters on top of our pollutions will the environment still be a secure place to live in? 

We’re overjoyed to announce our newest multi-talented and multi-awarded Brand Ambassador, Alyssa Valdez!

Together with Alyssa, we’re confident of raising our game in securing your future.