Allianz—Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Insurance Partner

The spirit of the Olympics is all about going beyond yourself to get the goal. It’s picking yourself up after every fall. It’s taking a challenge and seeing it as an opportunity. No one is born a champion, but everyone has a chance to be one.

In 2021, Allianz started an eight-year worldwide partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Movements, expanding on our collaboration with the Paralympic Movement since 2006. As the Worldwide Insurance Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic games, we support athletes through tailored insurance for athletes, mentorship programs, career advancement opportunities, as well as initiatives promoting health and wellness.

#Leap to Greatness

Inspired by the Olympic pole vaulter EJ Obiena, we at Allianz PNB Life believe in taking action, pushing beyond our limits, and striving for greatness.

As one of the leading insurance companies in the Philippines, we know that success isn't just about talent—it's also about direction. That's why we're committed to securing your future and helping you leap towards your financial goals.

Whether you're an athlete like EJ Obiena, an entrepreneur, or a dedicated professional with big dreams, Allianz PNB Life is behind you with the inspiration and financial guidance you need to make it happen. So from here on out, together, let's #LeapToGreatness!

Athletes like Filipino pole vaulter EJ Obiena are at the heart of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements.  Without them, we wouldn’t have anyone to watch, support, and be inspired by. Their dedication to their craft is a shining example of what can be achieved with hard work and perseverance, inspiring us to get ready for all life has to offer.

Allianz prides itself on supporting more than 150 athletes from around the world. We leverage Allianz’ partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Movements to support the athletes’ goals while preparing them for their careers beyond sports.