Quality Educational Insurance and Savings Plan in the Philippines

We are with you on your journey to provide the best education for your children. Secure the tomorrow of their education with our education plans now!

Secure a braver future for your children by preparing for their education expenses as early as today. Through Allianz PNB Life’s educational insurance plans, we can help you send your children to the best schools in the Philippines while worrying less about the rising cost of education.

Our education plans are designed with your best interests in mind. You can count on us to help you find the best education plan that meets your needs and suits your current financial situation. Talk to one of our Life ChangersTM or financial advisors today and start building a promising future for your children!

One of your primary goals as a parent is to send your children to reputable schools that will provide them with an excellent education. After all, having solid education will allow your children to thrive in the future and live a successful life.

However, as education costs rise almost every year, you might consider choosing a cheaper school and compromising your child’s education. To circumvent this problem, you may get an education insurance plan from a reputable company in the Philippines. This solution can provide you with several benefits, including the following:

Support Your Child’s Dreams

Investing in your child’s education plan early allows you to reduce the financial burden of their college education in the future. By paying a fixed amount of money at regular intervals, you can compound your investments into a lump sum, which you can use to fund your child’s education in the future.

You can also grow your child’s education fund by getting a unit-linked education plan. This kind of education plan allows you to invest your money and grow it as you save for your child’s future.

Additionally, your child’s education plan can support the cost of their schooling even with inflation. A great education plan will help you prepare for any economic uncertainty that can otherwise harm your child’s future.

Confident and Secure Future

With an education savings plan in the Philippines, you can worry less knowing that your child can have a confident future no matter what happens to you. The education plans we offer at Allianz PNB Life come with additional benefits that can help protect your child from unexpected events.

Trust in Allianz PNB Life to secure your child’s education. You can count on us for quality education insurance plans in the Philippines that can help your child reach their dreams.
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For as low as Php 2,500 per month, AZpire Wiz is a unit-linked insurance plan, which provides financial solutions for your child's future educational needs.