Be Protected From Uncertainties With Our Life Insurance Policies in the Philippines

Shield your loved ones from financial uncertainty when the unexpected occurs through our life insurance plans.

Secure your family’s financial future today by getting a life insurance plan in the Philippines. This kind of insurance allows you to protect your loved ones from financial uncertainty in case of life’s unexpected events.

At Allianz PNB Life, we offer various life insurance plans that meet your needs and suit your financial goals and capabilities. Each one is designed with your best interest in mind to help you reach your financial aspirations. Talk to our Life ChangersTM or financial advisors today for more information regarding our life insurance plans.

Whether you’re a young professional or someone who’s starting a family, one of your financial goals is saving enough money to achieve different milestones, such as buying a house and getting a car. However, you can’t always be prepared for what can happen in your life. Unexpected circumstances—such as getting diagnosed with an illness, and untimely accidents—can set you back financially.

To help keep your savings secure and give your family financial protection, you should consider getting life insurance in the Philippines. This provides your loved ones with monetary benefits should you be diagnosed with an illness, get involved in an accident, or pass away. Life insurance plans in the Philippines also offer the following benefits:

Lost Income Replacement

Assist your loved ones to take care of their financial responsibilities even in case of your disability or death with a life insurance plan. The coverage of this insurance plan can aid in addressing the financial needs of your dependents.


Leave something for your loved ones when you pass away when you get a life insurance policy in the Philippines. Your death benefit can be distributed among your beneficiaries as an inheritance in case of your death.

Business Protection

Getting a life insurance plan allows you to protect your business even in case of your death. Your death benefit can cover any business obligations you leave behind and help keep your business afloat.

If you’re in a partnership, make sure that both parties are covered with life insurance. When your partner passes away, you can use the death benefit to buy out their share of the business and protect the company from going bankrupt.

Trust in Allianz PNB Life to secure your and your loved ones’ future. We offer various life insurance plans that meet your needs and suit your current financial situation. Get in touch with us today to learn more.
A simple and comprehensive insurance solution that can empower you and your family.
An unit-linked life insurance product that is available in both Peso and US Dollar denomination that safeguards you against the unexpected.
Gives you savings opportunities with superior insurance protection of up to 125 times your basic annual regular premiums. 
A convenient insurance solution of Allianz PNB Life Insurance that provides life and accident coverage with return of a portion of the total paid premiums for 10 years. 
A whole life insurance solution in ensuring a premier life for your family's future.