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Corporate Governance

Board Charters

  1. Allianz PNB Life Board Committees;
  2. Audit Compliance Risk Management Committee Charter;
  3. Corporate Governance, Nomination and Compensation Committee Charter;
  4. Executive Committee Charter;
  5. Investment Committee Charter
  6. Related Party Transactions Committee Charter

Policies and Implementing Rules

  1. Allianz PNB Life Anti-Corruption Policy
  2. Allianz PNB Life Anti-Fraud Policy
  3. Allianz PNB Life Code of Conduct
  4. Allianz PNB Life Code of Sales and Business Conduct
  5. Allianz PNB Life Corporate Safety Measures
  6. Allianz PNB Life Customer Health and Safety
  7. Allianz PNB Life Director Orientation and Development Policy
  8. Allianz PNB Life Environment-Friendly Value Chain
  9. Allianz PNB Life Health And Safety Annual Medical Exam
  10. Allianz PNB Life Insurance Gift and Entertainment Policy
  11. Allianz PNB Life Policy on Employee Training and Development
  12. Allianz PNB Life Procurement Guidelines
  13. Allianz PNB Life Related Party Transaction
  14. Allianz PNB Life Whistleblowing Guidelines
  15. Data on Training and Development
  16. Policy on Compensation
  17. Policy on Group Medical Plan
  18. Policy on Health, Safety, and Welfare of Employees
  19. Risk Management Framework
  20. Allianz PNB Life Vendor Code of Conduct
  21. Code of Conduct Compliance Monitoring and Implementation
  22. Creditor's Rights

Company Activities

  1. Allianz PNB Life Go Green Movement
  2. Allianz Bring Smiles to the Aetas
  3. Allianz Conquer Challenge 1st Ever Night Obstacle Race
  4. Fitness Tip of the Day
  5. Dare To be Fit 2.0
  6. Allianz Conquer Challenge
  7. A Documentary Film Showing presented by Dare To Be Fit 2.0

Financial Performance

  1. Statistical Report on Selected Financial Data 1st to 4th Quarter
  2. Statement of Paid Up Capital Reserves and Investments 4th Quarter 2018
  3. 2018 Audited Financial Statement
  4. 2017 Audited Financial Statement
  5. 2018 Related Party Transaction

Corporate Documents and Ownership Structure

  1. Articles of Incorporation
  2. By Laws
  3. General Information Sheet 2019
  4. General Information Sheet 2018
  5. General Information Sheet 2017

Meetings and Seminars

  1. Minutes of the 2019 Annual Stockholders Meeting
  2. Minutes of the 2018 Annual Stockholders Meeting
  3. Board materials
  4. Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting December 2018
  5. Minutes of Board Meeting January 2017
  6. Notice of the 2019 Annual Stockholders' Meeting
  7. Proxy Form
  8. Certification from Corporate Secretary on Board Materials
  9. Profile of Nominees of the Board of Directors

Corporate Governance

  1. Corporate Governance Manual
  2. Appraisal Criteria for the Board, Individual Director, and Board Committees 2019
  3. Board Performance Evaluation Form

ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard

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