Your Trusted Savings and Investment Plans in the Philippines

Worry less about the future of your finances because we are here to help you achieve your financial goals with our regular-pay or single-pay unit-linked insurance products.

Start worrying less about your future by getting an investment savings plan from Allianz PNB Life. We offer regular-pay and single-pay unit-linked insurance products to help you reach your goals and build a brave future.

Whether you choose our regular-pay savings plan or single-payment plan, we can help you maximize your investments with our numerous fund options. Each plan we offer also comes with life insurance coverage, so you can take on any adventure you want and be prepared to face life’s unexpected circumstances. 

At Allianz PNB Life, we are committed to helping you reach your financial goals. We achieve this by providing you with different saving investment plans that meet your unique needs and suit your current financial situation.

You can count on us for a regular-pay savings plan, which you can use to build a secure future for yourself and your loved ones. This type of savings plan allows you to put your money on our numerous investment funds. You can then use the profits you may earn to fuel your aspirations in life, satisfy your family’s needs, or take a well-deserved adventure.

Allianz PNB Life also offers one-time payment investment plans, where you pay a lump sum of money before being entitled to a death benefit. You can then count on us to grow your money by putting it into various expertly managed investment funds. Our one-time lump sum investment plans are available in Peso and US Dollar denominations.

Why Get a Savings and Investment Plan?

Getting a regular investment savings plan or one-time payment investment plan can provide you with various benefits. Some of the most notable advantages you can experience are:

Secure Your Savings and Your Future

When you choose Allianz PNB Life’s savings and investment plans, you have the choice to put more money into your policy as a top-up or additional investment. By doing this, you can grow your funds while also increasing your insurance coverage.

Access to Your Funds

Our savings and investment plans provide you with access to your existing funds whenever you need them. You can have the option to withdraw from your funds especially during times of emergency. These withdrawals may be subjected to applicable charges and maintaining balance.

Growth Opportunities

Gain exposure to our growth-oriented funds with our savings and investment plans. You can rely on us to help you reach your financial goals by putting your money into well-managed investment funds.

Begin building your future with Allianz PNB Life. We’re here to provide you with savings and investment plans that you can use to build a better and more secure tomorrow.
A regular-pay, unit-linked insurance solution that helps you grow your money faster. 
An endowment insurance plan with varying payment options, guaranteed cash payouts and increasing life insurance coverage. 
A single pay, unit-linked life insurance product that maximizes your investments while providing superior lifetime insurance protection.
A single pay, unit-linked insurance product that combines insurance and investment benefits into one powerful solution.