Experience having a fulfilling career as a financial advisor in the Philippines while helping others secure their future. By becoming an Allianz Life Changer™ in the Philippines, you'll be helping create better tomorrows for our customers.

With Allianz PNB Life, you'll be sure to have a confident and sustainable partner behind you in every step of your career as a financial advisor. You’ll also be part of a team of talented individuals in the Philippines who can assist you in making the world a more secure place for Filipinos.

Choose the Allianz Life Changer career path in the Philippines and start making a difference!

Allianz PNB Life offers two career paths to promising individuals who want to become a financial advisor in the Philippines and help us provide a more secure future to our customers. Whether you decide to work as an Agency Life Changer or a Bancassurance Life Changer, you can expect us to give you the support you need to succeed as a financial advisor in the country.

Learn more about the career paths we offer by exploring these financial advisor job descriptions in the Philippines:

Join our agency force in changing people’s lives for the better. With your knowledge and experience, you can help provide our customers with insurance solutions that suit their financial and health needs.
Secure more futures with help from our trusted bancassurance partner, PNB. This career path provides you with opportunities to give people more confidence in tomorrow as you help them find the most suitable insurance solutions.
Taking advantage of our financial advisor job openings in the Philippines provides you with several benefits, including the following:
  • Create Life-Changing Experiences: Guide clients in creating a more secure future for themselves and their loved ones.
  • Choose From Different Career Paths: Find the career path that best suits your skillset and interests by joining our career development programs.
  • Learn How to Become an Entrepreneur: Obtain the training you need to create deep connections with your network and build a formidable team.
  • Have Your Opinions Be Heard: Get the chance to have your insights heard and appreciated by a welcoming, open-minded team.

Allianz PNB Life continues to be the fastest-growing insurance company in the Philippines for our commitment to servicing our customers and securing their futures. We also provide careers to individuals who want to work as a financial advisor in the Philippines. Below are just some of the awards, from both local and international bodies, that we take pride in:

  • Allianz as the World’s #1 Insurer – 2022 Best Global Awards Ranking
  • Allianz PNB Life as the Life Insurer of the Year – 2022 Insurance Asia News, Awards for Excellence
  • Philippines’ Most Outstanding Life Insurance Company of the Year, 2022 International Business Magazine
  • Best Employee Experience for the “Work Well Program” – 2022 Asian Experience Awards
  • Alexander Grenz for the CEO of the Year Award – 2021 Insurance Asia News Awards for Excellence
  • Best Brand Experience of the Year for “Project Sustainable Future" – 2021 Asian Experience Awards
  • Best CSR Campaign for "Ride Safe" – 2021 Insurance Asia Awards
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