Allianz Well!

Allianz Well! provides health and wellness benefits for high achieving, go-getters like you. With an annual plan limit of Php 100 Million, it supplements any existing HMOs you may have, giving you health coverage that complements your active lifestyle.

Need Expert Medical Advice? We've got you covered

Access to expert medical advice is right at your fingertips, with round-the-clock, over the phone 24/7 tele consultation and expert medical opinion service.

Stay strong and healthy with Wellness Services

Aside from health screening and dental services, this plan also includes physical activity programs such as gym memberships, and nutrition counseling such as obesity and diet counseling.

Check your health risks

Early detection and diagnosis improve your chances of finding a cure should the need arise.

Choose your preferred doctor or medical facility

With one of the highest plan limits in the country today, you can choose who, when, and where to get treatment.

Experience cashless payment for selected medical benefits and services from our growing list of accredited healthcare network. Click here for the list of our accredited healthcare providers.

Enjoy Quick and Easy Claims Process

Simply take a picture of the claims document and follow the steps required to get a reimbursement within approximately 7 days.

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Service

If necessary, reasonable costs of transportation or travel for a companion will be covered in the event of medical evacuation or repatriation.

Allianz Well! Your partner in your journey to well-being.

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