Premier Life is a participating whole life insurance plan. It is your premier choice in ensuring a premier life for your family's future.

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Plan Types
Payment Terms
Minimum Face Amount
Issue Age
10-Pay 10 years P350,000  7 days old to Age 70
Regular Pay Pay-to-age-100 P500,000
  • Provides protection up to age 100
  • Builds guaranteed cash values
  • Earns dividends
  • Available in Annual, Semi-Annual, and Quarterly modes of payment
  • Policy Amount is paid out if the insured survives his/her 100th birthday
  • Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (ADD)
  • Special Accident Rider (SAR)
  • Waiver of Premium Rider (WOP)
  • Payor's Benefit Rider (PBR), for minor insured up to age 20
  • Flexi-Fund Rider (FFR)