• To assist the region expands the core business of Allianz PNB Life.
  • To provide administrative support to the sales force by liaising with the different departments and provide an accurate & on time reports to the immediate superior, sales force and bank partners, including proper monitoring of manpower activation, submissions and issuance.

Key Result Areas (KRA)

  1. Monitoring of applications and pending requirements; report/escalate delays in processing and identifying areas for improvement. 
  2. Provide Management Information Reports and all other reports related to the operations of the RBC.
  3. New Business and Product Training for the region.
  • Monitor all new business applications submitted by the sales force and follow up pending requirements within the specified TAT.
  • Attends to all queries & requests of the Sales Force i.e. SI generation, fund value, policy info/status and escalate problem areas immediately.
  • Notify the RBM, SM & FA immediately of any outstanding requirements upon receipt from NB, UW & PAD.
  • Preparation and reporting of all production and productivity management reports in the regional level.
  • Tracking and monitoring the region's PRs, Persistency and RBC expenses.
  • Submits the petty cash fund replenishment & liquidation report on a periodical basis.
  • Perform monthly inventory of office supplies & equipment and notify HO for any incidents that may affect the business and personnel in the RBC.
  • Conduct new business process and guidelines to newly hired SMs & FAs.
  • Assist in the logistics for any training programs and events in the region.
  • Assist in the regional recruitment activities, i.e. participation in job fairs, local ad placements and referrals and monthly bancassurance days for the region.
  • College/University Degree in Business Administration and/or Allied professions.
  • Insurance Administration
  • Product Knowledge
  • Training, Licensing & Agency
  • Excellent written & communication skills
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Knowledgeable in MS word, excel & powerpoint
  • Goal oriented and results driven
  • Flexible and willing to adapt to changes
  • People / Client-oriented
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