Getting medical health insurance for yourself and your loved ones is a great way to protect you financially in case of an unexpected medical emergency. With a health insurance plan, you don’t have to worry too much about pre- and post-hospitalization costs, in-patient and emergency care expenses, room rent, and other fees that you may incur during a hospital stay.

Although having an HMO can be enough for some people, take the chance to upgrade your health insurance when you can. Doing so will allow you to enjoy various health benefits and living life as worry free as possible!

Here are some of the benefits of upgrading your medical insurance plan in the Philippines:

As you get older, your healthcare also needs a level up. This means that you will need an insurance plan that can address unpredictable medical events, such as an illness.

However, if you already have an HMO, getting an additional health insurance plan is not financially wise. Instead, you should get a supplement to your HMO.

Upgrading your health insurance allows you to enjoy a higher sum insured. This provides you with more resources to take care of your health needs and gives you peace of mind knowing that you are covered when an accident or illness occurs.

Obtaining an HMO should allow you to live life freely without being concerned about your health too much. However, this may be hard to achieve if your health insurance plan doesn’t cover every possible instance, including critical illness. It may also have expense limits that prevent you from getting the quality of healthcare you would want.

Therefore, if you feel that your existing medical insurance plan does not provide you with enough coverage, you should consider upgrading your health insurance. Doing so will help you be at ease knowing that your healthcare needs will be taken care of no matter what happens. You’ll also get to receive the kind of care you want from some of the best facilities and professionals in the Philippines.

Riders or add-on covers provide you with additional benefits beyond the basic coverage of your medical insurance policy at an extra cost. Some of the most common riders you can get are room rent waiver, hospital cash cover, critical illness cover, and accidental death cover.

When you upgrade your health insurance plan, you get the chance to include or add more riders to your policy. This is beneficial especially if you have recently reviewed your healthcare needs and noticed that your insurance policy lacks coverage.

One of the greatest advantages of a health insurance upgrade is the opportunity to add or remove family members from your policy if you have a family health insurance plan. This allows you to tweak your insurance policy according to the changes in your life.

For example, your family welcomed a newborn baby. To secure their well-being, you might want to include them in your health insurance plan. This way, you won’t have to worry too much about their healthcare expenses. You can also remove a deceased family member or separated partner from your plan.

If you currently have a basic health insurance plan with minimum coverage, it might not be enough to address all your healthcare needs. To get the flexibility that allows you to customize your medical insurance plan, you should upgrade it.

By upgrading your health insurance plan, you can decide your sub-limits, co-payments, and deductibles, depending on your needs. You also don't have to spend money on add-ons that don't suit your lifestyle.

Now that you’ve learned about the different benefits of upgrading your medical insurance plan in the Philippines, it’s time to find the right insurance provider that can address your healthcare needs. At Allianz PNB Life, we offer a health and wellness product that can supplement your existing HMO.

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