How AZpire Wiz can Guarantee Your Child’s Promising Future

When you were younger, you must have heard your parents say that education is the best gift that they can give to their child.

This statement rings true for many families in the country where poverty incidence is at 20.8%¹. That is why parents, regardless of the hardships and sacrifices that they need to undergo, are willing to make the effort to provide their children with quality education.

The reality, however, is that good-quality education can also be expensive. According to, the average tuition fee in private colleges and universities stands at P145,000 a year. With tuition fees increasing at 10% per annum, you can only imagine how high tuition fees can be 10 to 12 years from now.

Tuition fees are only the beginning. Parents have to take into account other miscellaneous expenses, such as books and school supplies, school activities, allowances, transportation and accommodation fees. For a child to complete elementary and secondary levels in a private educational institution, parents should be prepared to shell out at least PHP 1 million pesos, which, for most parents, is already a fortune.

It is therefore unsurprising that parents take at least a year to prepare for all these costs, and look for ways on how they can reduce their expenses, such as flexible payment terms and scholarship programs.

There is no hard and fast rule how parents can be fully prepared to handle the rising costs of providing quality education for their children. The most logical choice would be to plan ahead of time, perhaps even years before your child needs to go to school.

For starters, parents can already start allocating money for their child’s education by way of a dedicated savings account. Unfortunately, most savings accounts only earn between 0.25% to 1.75% growth per annum, and depending on how much you earn monthly, it may take you a long time to save up for a year’s worth of education.

Why not consider taking out an educational plan instead? Compared to a traditional savings account, a good educational plan not only guarantees your child’s educational stability but can also offer a number of long-term benefits.

The perfect time to purchase an educational plan for your children is upon their birth, as premium payments are significantly lower for younger beneficiaries. One educational plan that you can consider is Allianz PNB Life’s AZpire Wiz.

With a minimum of PHP 82.20 per day, which is even cheaper than a tall cup of black coffee from your favorite coffee shop, you can already assure your child of a promising future.

AZpire Wiz is a unit-linked insurance plan from Allianz PNB Life that can serve as an educational fund for your child. Unlike other educational plans in the market today, the AZpire Wiz policy effectively combines optimum life insurance coverage with potential investment opportunities.

The Allianz PNB Life AZpire Wiz can provide you and your child with the following:

  • Guaranteed Protection. AZpire Wiz protects your child’s life 5x the amount of your annual premium. While you can never know what the future holds, the AZpire Wiz policy with riders attached can provide accidents (accidental death and dismemberment rider), critical illness (Critical Illness 100 rider) and death benefits for your child.
  • Faster Fund Accumulation. As a unit-linked insurance product, AZpire Wiz allocates a larger portion of your funds to investments, allowing it to grow and increase its value faster. While growth isn’t always guaranteed, you have the freedom or option to switch to better performing funds. With your investments being handled by professional managers, you can get the chance of a greater earning potential on your money.
  • Annual Withdrawals. The AZpire Wiz policy also allows for yearly withdrawals during the duration of your child’s college education. You can set a target withdrawal amount once your child turns 18 to secure your child’s educational needs, especially in preparation for his college years.
  • Premium and Loyalty Bonuses. The AZpire Wiz policy gives your money opportunities for growth through premium and loyalty bonuses.
  • The policyholder can receive a premium bonus, which will be paid annually starting from the 6th up to the 20th year of the insurance policy. To qualify for the premium bonus, the policyholder should have been able to complete all the required premium payments, and did not make any withdrawals from the policy, for the first five (5) years of the insurance policy.
  • The policyholder can also receive a loyalty bonus, which is given at the end of the 10th and 20th year from the policy date, provided that s/he was able to pay all scheduled premiums until the 10th year of the policy. The total amount of the loyalty bonus can be computed by multiplying the loyalty bonus percentage with the average monthly Total Fund Value for the past 120 months.

You can also try to research similar educational and insurance plans, to see which can offer you opportunities for growth, while assuring the brilliance and promise of your child’s educational future. When it comes to providing quality education to your child, it is imperative that you look for nothing less than the best educational plan that the industry can offer.

Make sure that you invest with stable and reliable insurance companies with an impeccable track record in delivering customer aspirations on lifetime financial planning, wealth accumulation, and well-being, such as Allianz PNB Life. With the support of over 230 employees, and over 2,300 agents, customers can be assured of a great customer service experience.

To know more about Allianz PNB Life’s AZpire Wiz policy, click here.

1 De Vera, Ben (October 17, 2019). PH poverty rate seen falling below 20% in 2020, Philippines: Philippine Daily Inquirer