Debunking the Common Life Insurance Myths in the Philippines    

Life insurance is a valuable tool that can help secure the financial future of you and your loved ones. Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions surrounding life insurance in the Philippines that can prevent individuals from taking advantage of this essential product.
In this article, we will debunk some of the most common life insurance myths in the Philippines and explain why they are not true.

Many Filipinos believe that life insurance is expensive and only for the wealthy. While it is true that some types of life insurance can be expensive, there are affordable options that can provide adequate coverage. In fact, life insurance premiums are based on several factors, including the insured’s age, health, and lifestyle habits.

Younger individuals who are in good health and do not engage in risky behavior can often secure affordable life insurance coverage. Moreover, life insurance and health insurance in the Philippines is not just for the wealthy. Anyone who has dependents or loved ones who would be financially impacted by their death can benefit from life insurance. Life insurance can help provide for your loved ones’ living expenses, debts, and even future education costs.

Another common misconception about life insurance in the Philippines is that it is not necessary if you do not have dependents. However, even if you do not have dependents, life insurance can still be beneficial. For example, life insurance can help cover final expenses such as funeral costs, medical bills, and outstanding debts. Additionally, if you have a spouse or partner who relies on your income, life insurance can provide them with financial security in the event of your death.

Some people believe that they do not need life insurance if they have savings. While it is true that savings can help cover expenses in the event of your death, life insurance can provide additional financial security for your loved ones. Savings can be depleted over time, whereas life insurance can provide a lump sum payout that can help cover expenses for years to come.

Some life insurance policies can also act as a future savings plan. This type of policy accumulates cash value over time, allowing you to access it in the future. Additionally, many life insurance policies also offer tax-free benefits that can help supplement your retirement income.

Another misconception about life insurance is that it is only necessary for the breadwinner of the family. In reality, anyone who contributes to the family’s finances can benefit from life insurance.

Stay-at-home parents, for example, provide valuable services that would be costly to replace if they were to pass away. Life insurance can help cover the cost of childcare, household expenses, and other services that would need to be outsourced if the stay-at-home parent were to pass away.

One of the reasons why Filipinos avoid insurance is they believe that it is a waste of money because they may never use it. However, the purpose of life insurance is not to benefit the insured but rather to provide financial security for their loved ones.

In the event of the insured’s death, the life insurance payout can help cover living expenses, outstanding debts, and even future education costs for the insured’s dependents.

Applying for life insurance can seem overwhelming, but it is actually a straightforward process. Many insurance companies in the Philippines offer online applications, making it easy to apply for coverage from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, insurance agents are available to guide you through the application process and answer any questions you may have.

Many Filipinos believe that they are too young to need life insurance. However, the younger you are when you secure life insurance coverage, the more affordable the premiums will be.

Additionally, life insurance can provide financial security for your loved ones in the event of your unexpected death, regardless of your age. No one knows when they will pass away, and it’s important to have a plan in place to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of in the event of your death.

At Allianz PNB Life, we are committed to debunking the myths about life insurance policies. With our Life Changers, we make sure to educate Filipinos on the benefits of life insurance and how they can use it to protect their families in the event of their death. If you would like to learn more about life insurance and find a policy that works for you, contact us today. Our knowledgeable financial advisors are here to help you find the right coverage for your needs.