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Health Dynamics

Health Dynamics is a regular pay, whole life insurance plan with values directly linked to the
performance of your choice of underlying funds, and made even more powerful with multistage critical illness benefits. It covers 100 major medical conditions, including Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Cancer, Kidney Failure, and Heart Diseases.

Simply put, Health Dynamics is the ideal plan to help you save and grow your wealth but at the same time also provide you superior health insurance protection.

Now, you can focus on pursuing and living your dreams confident that if a catastrophic or major medical condition befalls you, whether detected early or in advanced stages, funding for surgeries all the way to therapy, won’t get in the way of your recovery.

Your choice of currency

You can elect to pay premiums in Philippine Peso currency or go with a US Dollar denominated plan.

Control over premium payments and paying period

You can shorten your paying period with higher annual premiums or make them lower by paying over a longer period of time.

Select your funds and move them around as needed

Not only does Health Dynamics give you the freedom to choose your underlying funds, it also allows you to switch them around or increase them when you have extra funds.

Health rescue where it counts the most

Health Dynamics provides coverage for the following:

  • 32 early stage critical illnesses
  • 13 intermediate stage critical illnesses
  • 48 late stage critical illnesses
  • 5 catastrophic critical illnesses
  • 2 additional benefits for diabetic complications, angioplasty, and other invasive treatments for coronary heart diseases
Access your account as needed

In case you need them for a more important purpose, you can withdraw from your investment funds anytime. It’s free for up to 4 times a year.

No one can tell or prevent catastrophic medical conditions from happening. Have Health Dynamics on the ready to catch you if you fall.

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