Reboot and Recharge: 7 Tips to Restart Your Career

There are many reasons why you would want to restart your career. Maybe you’ve taken some time off to think about things, and focus on other aspects of your life. Something could have happened with the company that caused you to take a step back, and take a better look at where you’re headed. Maybe something has happened in the economy that has led you to take a huge turn. Whatever the reason, one thing’s for sure: you need to give yourself some time to reboot and recharge so you can then take the steps to build a better career path.

When change happens, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. However, what you should do, after taking a deep breath, is to remind yourself of the reasons why change can be beneficial for you.

Here are seven tips that can help you restart your career and set you onto the right path.

What was the main reason behind the change? You first need to know whether the shift was due to your own desire or due to things outside of your control. If it was your choice, affirm to yourself that it was you who wanted the change to happen. If it was not, try to determine what were the factors that led to the change, and more importantly, how you feel about these. Once you sort out and let go of these negative emotions, you can then focus on the things that are within your hands. This can help you take back your power, and make you feel in control again.

The next question you need to answer is, where are you headed? Where do you want to see yourself within the next six months, or perhaps 5 to 10 years? Set a clear and definite goal, which you can slowly work towards. This way, whatever happens, you’re sure to know your path, and never feel lost.

Once you have defined your goal, you then set a plan of action. Set mini-milestones that are easy to attain so that you will know that you are slowly attaining your goals. Identify your current capabilities, and think of strategies that will allow you to highlight these talents.

Knowing your priorities will help steer you away from bad decisions. What should you be focusing on? There may be aspects of your life that need some tweaking for you to define a clearer path as you restart your career. Is it looking for a role that will allow you to spend more time with your family, or a job that can give you the opportunity to showcase your skills while earning a better income?

Being aware of your priorities will guide you in making wise career-related choices. Since you’re giving your work life a reboot, think of this as a chance to make better decisions, and become more intentional with every action.

Everyone has a story to tell. Look back on your life, and see what has shaped you. How have your experiences defined your personality? What values guide your decisions?

Furthermore, be aware of your narrative as a career-oriented person. This would help you when you build your resume, and when you sit down for interviews. Looking back at how you led your life will affect how you craft an impressive resume, and how you answer interview questions like, “How do you see yourself five years from now?” or “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” You would be able to answer these brilliantly once you’re able to understand and appreciate the journey that you’ve been through, and the lessons that you’ve gained.

When in between jobs, you may feel like you’re in limbo. However, this is also the best time to explore everything that currently surrounds you. Who are the people that you know? What organizations pique your interest? This may be a good time to set out and meet people, whether physically or online. This would expand your network and connect you with like-minded individuals, as well as introduce you to new ideas and personalities.

Part of exploring your environment also means that you can use the time to learn new things. Take up an online course, watch videos about new topics, or join communities that would help nurture your talent. This is the best time to get creative and push yourself to do new things every day.

You don’t need to wait for your career to restart for you to build a stronger foundation for your life. Instead, use this time to see if there are any aspects in it that you need to give a boost, such as your finances and potential investment opportunities.

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When we’re in the process of rebuilding, we can get overwhelmed by everything that’s happening. Instead, look around you, and remind yourself of the things that you’re grateful for. Studies show that . Instead of allowing yourself to be overwhelmed with fear, gratitude will make you more optimistic and attuned to the opportunities around you. These will then encourage you to live the best life possible.

While it’s true that you’re taking the steps to make your life better, you can also think of how you can help others. This will give you a better sense of self, and a stronger sense of community. In the process of giving your life a reboot, you may feel alone or powerless. Helping others can allow you to appreciate the blessings in your life, and encourage you to uplift those around you.

Restarting your career may feel daunting, but you should never feel scared. Instead, take the time to look back on your life, so you can prepare yourself for a better future. Don’t be afraid to figure things out as you go along, but most of all, seize every opportunity to make yourself better.

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