The catch phrase “Working apart together” sounded fancy as early as the 2010s when folks on various work spaces decided that productivity and work efficiency may still be achieved regardless if work mates come together or work remotely. In the 1970s, long before Skype and video calls revolutionized working in virtual offices, it was a time when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs hung out at their nerd squad’s garages and dismantled parts of humungous computers then reassembled them to what we now know as the personal computer- the precursor of all our mobile devices. Back then there was a popular TV series called Star Trek (c 1966), not yet on Netflix (take a hint Netflix), that showed people communicating on projected screens. The Starship Enterprise (spacecraft’s name) support crew conversed with their members even if they were on some uncharted planet. They helped each other plan, navigate, and basically survive. It was pure sci-fi.

Fast forward 40 years, that pipe dream is a reality. We’ve all been working “apart together” especially in the past 30 days and counting. Unfortunately it is not as exciting as the sci-fi kind. The crowning glory (Corona) of all our social fears realized has paralyzed the entire country’s work force and held them housebound and long-haired since mid-March.

But paralysis is not for Allianz PNB Life! This initial reaction to the lockdown was a natural reflex but was only temporary. With urgency, everyone worked towards innovation so that services, communication, and offerings can continue to our customers unabated.

Allianz PNB Life’s Training Team initiated online classes on Allianz products and necessary soft skills so that customers can get the same information through digital means as they had from face-to-face meetings. With attendance reaching up to almost 100 intermediaries per class, channel leaders and their teams remained engaged as ever albeit with a new platform. Caffeine Boost, a pioneering public podcast was launched. The 4 episodes, hosted by Anchor, Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts, (and 5 more platforms) were all held via telecon and has been downloaded almost 1000 times from at least 6 geo-locations around the globe in just 3 weeks! You, our customers, can rest assured that through modern technology, Allianz PNB Life’s people are ready to serve you through this lockdown.

In fact, Allianz PNB Life’s Distribution Management Department spearheaded the much-needed Virtual Selling Process even before the Insurance Commission gave the green light. The team waited in the wings and immediately launched it on the same day the Insurance Commission approved virtual selling, showing the company’s readiness to secure the futures of our customers via digital means. Faced with these changes, we adapted, while also adopting new tools that made sure we could still reach out to you and other customers in the fastest and safest way possible.

The cliché, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” still applies to the team as we all miss each other very much. We acknowledge the seriousness of COVID-19 but Allianz PNB Life is not paralyzed by it. We will continue to work effectively, efficiently, and with pleasure to secure your futures even as we are Working Apart Together.

Stay safe and healthy everyone! Cheers!