Allianz: Recognized as the Most Sustainable Insurer by Dow Jones 

Allianz SE | Munich | Oct 07, 2021

Global insurer and #1 insurance brand Allianz was recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) as the Most Sustainable Insurer in 2021.

Out of 127 insurance companies assessed around the world, the DJSI gave Allianz a percentile score of 92 out of 100, the highest score in the industry and reaching the top 1% of the DJSI.

Sustainability metrics are measured by the ESG standard (Environmental, Social Inclusion, and Governance), and Allianz scored 97, 94, and 90 points respectively for each of these measurements.

Under Environment, Allianz was recognized for its work on climate change, and the DJSI noted that the company’s practices provide good basis, particularly in risk assessment. For Social Inclusion, the insurance company’s Human Resources’ focus drove diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Corporate citizenship activities also supported the next generations and people with disabilities, receiving a full score from the DJSI. Under Governance, Allianz became more transparent in its practices and had leading approaches to privacy protection and information security.

“We are proud to be recognized as the #1 insurance brand earlier this year, and we are just as proud to be the Most Sustainable Insurer in 2021,” said Alexander Grenz, President and CEO of Allianz PNB Life.

In the Philippines, Allianz PNB Life has pushed for sustainability through various corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, including tree planting, e-jeepneys sponsorship, and the award-winning Allianz Ride Safe (a campaign for cycling as a healthy, sustainable means of transportation). The company also fosters diversity in the workplace where employees from all walks of life are all part of an inclusive, collaborative environment. With regard to its operations, the company has geared up its digital transformation in an effort to become more efficient and achieve further reduction in paper usage.

“Sustainability is a core component of our DNA at Allianz, and we are committed to pursuing our advocacies on youth empowerment, sustainable mobility, and financial inclusion,” added Grenz. We have also launched a new sustainable product, Allianz Protect, so our customers can directly contribute to our ESG initiatives. As part of Allianz PNB Life’s commitment to securing the future through sustainability, and through your policy subscription, we give a yearly PHP 500 contribution to the World Wildlife Fund – Food Shed Farming Enterprise. Read more