3 young Filipino Booters participate in the Allianz Explorer Camp in Munich, Germany

(L-R) Ms. Bernadette Pantoja, Bancassurance Distribution Partner Head of Allianz PNB Life, and Filipino delegates Miguel Basmayor, Cath Bradborn, and Ivy Tapiz
The 10th year of the Allianz Junior Football Camp (AJFC), dubbed as the Allianz Explorer Camp, was held in Munich, Germany last August 27 to 31, 2018, participated by 56 young footballers from 24 countries. The camp adapted a holistic approach by facilitating not just football sessions but also inspirational and learning sessions that aim to inspire the participants to explore and pursue their passions at a young age. FC Bayern Munich facilitated the football training. Participants were also able to meet and have a chat with the world famous former goalkeeper Oliver Kahn and former astronaut Gerhard Thiele. The camp also had a robotics challenge that was facilitated by Italian robotics teachers Valeria Cagnina and Francesco Baldassarre. These sessions were able to tackle topics such as confidence development, embracing change, and building trust in a team, which are relevant values especially for today’s generation.

World famous former football goalkeeper Oliver Kahn giving his talk
Miguel Basmayor, Cath Bradborn, and Ivy Tapiz comprised the Filipino delegation sent by Allianz PNB Life to the AJFC. Basmayor and Bradborn won Silver and Bronze, respectively, in the camp’s finale football tournament. Tapiz participated and won the camp’s robotics challenge, and her creation was chosen to be flown to the stratosphere.

Awarding the winners of the camp’s finale football tournament

Tapiz with Valeria Cagnina (L) and Francesco Baldassarre (R)

One of the challenges that the Filipino delegates faced during the camp is the language barrier between the other participants. But since their passion for football knows no barriers, it resonated with everyone regardless of nationality. They were able to play well, trust their teammates, and win. They were also exposed to various playing styles of different countries, and they were adaptive enough to these changes and leveled up their game. The whole training experience has made the Filipino delegates feel more confident about their skills, not just on the field, but life-wise as well.

Allianz PNB Life will continue investing in football as a platform to instill a sense of discipline and inspire the Filipino youth to achieve their goals.

The Filipino delegates with Ms. Bernadette Pantoja
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