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5% discount for the following services:

Inter-facility transfer (IFT) Clean Case team only

Inter-facility transfet (IFT) Dirty case team only

Emergency Quick response run(EQR)

10% discount for the following services:

Inter-facility transfer (IFT) Clean Case team only

Inter-facility transfet (IFT) Dirty case team only

Emergency Quick response run(EQR)

Argonix provide ambulance services for emergencies & inter-facility transfers. The critical care inter-facility transfers are one of their most-utilized services. They have worked with almost all the hospitals in Metro Manila, from down south in Muntinlupa to up north in Fairview, QC. They even do transfers in the CALABARZON, Bulacan, & Pampanga areas.

Argonix’ ambulance personnel are highly-trained professionals and made up of Paramedics & Nurses.

They strive everyday to provide the best service to our countrymen by overcoming challenges as well as recognizing new opportunities that present itself. We are here to bring hope to our patients and their loved ones, and to be a light in their darkest hour.

For Healthbox members considering Argonix Medical Corporation, exclusive benefits await. Here's what awaits you when you choose to avail of our services:

Efficiency and Convenience:

  • Quick Response: Count on Argonix for a rapid 30-45 minutes response time within Metro Manila.
  • 24/7 Availability: Argonix’ services are available round the clock.
  • Inclusions per Run: Each run includes a dedicated paramedic crew and necessary supplies, tailored on a case-to-case basis. For EQR, this includes a driver, treatment officer, team leader, oxygen supply (excluding O2 delivery devices), fuel for runs within Metro Manila (provincial runs incur additional costs), and supplies/medications used while the patient is on-board. For IFT, additional costs may include a physician-on-board, contraptions such as a cardiac monitor, mechanical ventilator, infusion pump, waiting/extension fees, and supplies/medications used while the patient is on-board.

Inter-facility Transfer (IFT) Services:

  • Clean Case Team: Our specialized crew ensures seamless and hygienic patient transfers between medical facilities, complete with oxygen supply and fuel for Metro Manila runs.
  • Dirty Case Team: Equipped to handle infectious cases with comprehensive protective gear for safety.

Emergency Quick Response Run (EQR):

  • Swift assistance during emergencies, including essential supplies like oxygen and fuel for Metro Manila runs.
  • Call Argonix via viber or through their hotline:

- Hotline: (02) 8-373-7377 (RESQ)

- Landline: 8-283-9441, 8-285-0156

- Globe: 0955-185-0307 (Viber)

- Smart: 0925-734-8476 (Viber)

  • Present your Healthbox Digital ID and promo code you received from Allianz Healthbox
  • Discounts can’t be redeemed together with senior citizen or PWD discounts.
  • Argonix Medical Corporation reserves the right to modify or terminate this promo and discount offer at any time without prior notice.
  • This promo and discount offer cannot be combined with any other ongoing promotions or discounts unless explicitly stated.
  • The decision of Argonix Medical Corporation regarding any disputes arising under this promo and discount offer shall be final and binding.
  • The discount is valid until June 2025
  • The discount is non-transferrable