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I do not have an Allianz Well or Allianz eAZy Health Policy
I have an Allianz Well, Allianz eAZy Health or Allianz Shield policy with Essential Care Rider
Ideal Vision Center
Get 20% discounts and freebies
Get 30% discounts and freebies
Go! Salads
5% discount for all regular priced items of Go! Salads, Pizza Plant, Ambassador’s Vegan Ice Cream & Plant Creamery with free delivery option
10% discount for all regular priced items of Go! Salads, Pizza Plant, Ambassador’s Vegan Ice Cream & Plant Creamery with free delivery option and free merchandise
Pure Nectar
5% discount on Pure Nectar Lifestyle Sets
10% discount on Pure Nectar Lifestyle Sets
Bicicleta BuenViaje
10% off on premium bicycle brands, parts and accessories
15% off on premium bicycle brands, parts or accessories
150 off minimum purchase of 1,500
250 off minimum purchase of 1,500
I want access to healthcare at the comfort of my home

Access your maintenance medicines, vitamins and supplements through a program that promotes adherence.


Consult a mental wellness professional from the safety of your home
Specialists' consultations for Heart, Sugar and Pulmonary medical care starting at P500
 Experience a worry-free nursing care for your loved ones
Validate complex diagnosis through an expert medical opinion
I want access to quality health testing and preventive services
Get access to a multi-specialty clinic that will give you quality care
 Have your condition evaluatedthrough a comprehensive and quality diagnostic services
Get to know your health better via a trusted and quality DNA testing
 Get access to fast and reliable RT-PCR testing
 Avoid breast cancer by regularly checking your breast health. Book a consultation now to highly qualified breast specialists
 Keep your vaccines updated especially if you have travel plans

Experience a world-class eye care that is tailor-fit to your needs


Get access to a woman-centered comprehensive care that will empower you to take charge of your health!


Experience premier medical care when you need it the most


Experience dental excellence where advanced technology, highly trained specialists, and top-of-the-line facilities converge!


Experience comfortable healthcare closer to you.


Empowering women to receive better healthcare by enabling informed decisions.


Provide quality emergency care for your loved ones.


Optimize your eye health by having it checked through quality and comprehensive testing.


I want to improve my posture, mobility, and overall physical health
 Keep your eyes healthy. Get access to quality yet affordable optical care services
Suffering from hearing loss? Get access to quality yet affordable hearing aids
Get quality treatment and device from highly qualified Prosthetist Orthotists
Restore your mobility, function, and well-being through high class physical therapies

Having a blurry vision? Quality glasses will pave the way!


Experience intensive eye examination that goes beyond the usual!


I want products and services that will help me achieve a healthier lifestyle
 Start your journey to a healthier you by eating greens
Capture the vitamins, minerals, and fiber of fruits all in just a cold-pressed juice
 Get access to premium yet affordable bikes to support your fitness journey
Keep your health in track by getting nutritious and calorie-counted meals
Live a healthy life by eating clean and organic
Wanting that perfect smile? Get your teeth whitening done in an instant
Access all your skincare needs and achieve a healthy and glowing skin

Take your health and wellness journey to the next level by unraveling the secrets of the sea.


Enjoy delectable dishes while staying true to your health and wellness goals!


Unique farm fresh finds delivered right at your doorsteps
Pregnant or lactating? Check out this online store and have your essentials delivered right at your doorsteps
Get quality yoga accessories to support your fitness journey
Experience a full-body fitness with the first and largest indoor cycling studio in the Philippines
Experience healing and flourishing through therapeutic yoga
Uplift your mood and relieve your stress through a relaxing spa-like baths
Improve your health & wellness journey by indulging yourself to the pleasant smell of essential oils
Your all-women fitness studio that will make you feel empowered as you enhance your workout routine
No excuses to not go to the gym anymore. Access the gym and be on your healthier you anytime of the day 24/7
Make your fitness goals more challenging by trying rowing and indoor cycling!
Get all your quality Mama and baby essentials delivered right at your doorsteps

Reduce the chances of airborne diseases by improving your indoor air quality


Purify your water and eliminate possibility of harmful waterborne diseases



Have a more sanitary way of cleaning your space by using steam cleaners


Get rid of allergens and dust and have a healthier space to live in!


Begin your healthy and sporty lifestyle by trying out this high-energy and engaging activity. 


Indulge yourself with healthy and guilt-free sandwiches.


Get access to Manila’s premiere sports and performance training complex. Enjoy world-class training areas and dynamic group fitness classes!


Shift your personal care to a plastic-free, all-natural and handmade products. Nurture your body and help the community be plastic-free.


Be in harmony with yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 


Embark in a journey to slow living and nourish the mind, body, and soul. Your home away from home! 


Experience the brilliance of a truly clean home because you deserve nothing but the best.


Train your body and mind. Build self confidence through self-defense training!


Sharing the gift of holistic well-being by introducing natural spa treatments, yoga exercises, and organic eating and drinking lifestyle. 


Discover the best version of you with Brave Yoga's diverse range of yoga and wellness resources designed to support your journey towards a healthier and more balanced life.


Be the best version of yourself! Experience personalized skin care by trusted dermatologists!


Enjoy one-of-a-kind wellness experience by integrating physical fitness and mental relaxation under the sea.


We are behind you in securing your physical and financial wellness. Know how you can stay protected with our Health Plans below!

Not yet an Allianz Healthbox premium member? E-mail us at [email protected] to get started.

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