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Purchase of Tabs & Capsules

*15+5 & 30 +13

Purchase of Tabs & Capsules

*15+5 & 30 +13

Less than 15 pcs is at 5% discount

Any quantity of ointment & syrup at a 5% discount

Free Shipping for purchase of PHP1000 above

Tamang Alaga strives to make healthcare accessible and cost effective for everyone. Tamang Alaga is a platform that aims to form partnerships with companies, HMOs, and healthcare institutions to create the best value medicine benefits and packages for employees, members, and patients.

At the very core, Tamang Alaga promotes the management and prevention of the most common health conditions among Filipinos.

Special discount packages on maintenance medicines, vitamins, and other health products exclusively for Allianz members. Members can also avail of the same discount package for the maintenance medicines of their family members and dependents.
Create an account in the Tamang Alaga Online Store with the Allianz Promo code, email address, name, and phone number.
  1. Tamang Alaga is compliant with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and assures all Allianz members of confidentiality of log-in information to the Tamang Alaga Store
  2. Purchases of prescription medicines will not be allowed without a valid prescription
  3. The special discount rates in the Tamang Alaga store are not to be used in conjunction with other government discounts such as PWD or Senior Citizen discounts