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With wellness linked to your lifestyle, Allianz Well! is the perfect plan for you. You'll get yearly renewable medical insurance that can be used here and abroad. Aside from inpatient hospitalization coverage, this additional 100-million health coverage in the Philippines also provides other healthcare needs such as preventive care, post-confinement care, emergency care, medical evacuation, and wellness services. You can also benefit from innovative and convenient health services like over-the-phone and online prescriptions.

When it comes to flexibility, Allianz Well! is the best option for go-getters like you! This additional medical coverage provides you with the freedom to choose your preferred accredited medical provider and facilities. Because we want to provide you with the best care, you can enjoy medical evaluation and wellness services locally and internationally. With Allianz Well!, you get coverage from inpatient confinement up to post-confinement care.

No need to worry as it covers almost every treatment such as cancer treatment, kidney dialysis, and organ transplant.
Renewable medical insurance for inpatient hospitalization, healthcare needs, preventive care, and post-confinement care.
It also covers your needs for your active lifestyle-related expenses, such as gym memberships and nutrition/diet counseling.
Get a discounted rate if you get this for your family.
You can easily access your digital policy and health card. This policy is also a perfect supplement to your HMO benefits.
You can easily settle in-patient treatment at accredited hospitals.
You'll have access to local and international medical treatments and wellness programs.
Exclusive perks & privileges from Allianz Healthbox Partners
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An affordable and renewable 5-year insurance solution that will help you future-proof your health and live with peace of mind.
A simple and comprehensive insurance solution that can empower you and your family.
A convenient insurance solution of Allianz PNB Life Insurance that provides life and accident coverage with return of a portion of the total paid premiums for 10 years.