We make certain transactions easy for you by making transactional forms available online. If you need to make a change on your insurance application or existing policy, or to facilitate continuous billing through credit card, or decided to switch funds for your unit-linked policy, or even file a claim, then such transactional forms are listed below for you to click, print, and accomplish anytime, anywhere.
To easily view our forms, you may download Adobe Reader here!

Here are the requirements for your benefits:

Wellness Benefits

  1. Wellness Reimbursement Form
  2. Official Receipt (includes itemized charges)
  3. Prescription for (COVID-19 Test, eyeglasses, contact lenses, and hearing aid)

Other Benefits

  1. International Health Claim Form
  2. Complete Medical Abstract / Clinical Discharge Summary
  3. Police or accidental Report if the claim is due to an accident
  4. Prescription for Medicines
  5. Breakdown of Expenses and Official Receipts