Help Your Child Reach Their Dreams by Getting a 5-Year Educational Savings Plan

Achievers is a 5-year pay education insurance plan in the Philippines offered by Allianz PNB Life. This policy contains everything your child needs to achieve whatever they want in life. 
Give your child a jumpstart in life by providing them with the best education possible. With this educational insurance plan, you can send your child to esteemed schools to help them reach their dreams and open various opportunities for them. All you need to do is pay premiums for 5 years, and your child is set to unleash their potential in the years to come.
This 5-year pay education insurance plan in the Philippines protects your child with life insurance* until 21 years old. The coverage equals 200% of the policy amount, minus any endowment payout received.

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Payment Term
Issue Age
Minimum Policy Amount
5 years to pay 7 days old to Age 12 Php 200,000
- Available in Annual, Semi-annual, and Quarterly modes of payment
After paying premiums for the educational insurance plan for 5 years, you will receive an increasing educational fund** for your child. You can use the endowment payouts from the 5-year pay education insurance plan on your child’s college expenses.

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Endowment Payouts to be received
following the Insured's attainment of:
Educational Fund**
Age 17 40% of the Policy Amount
Age 18 45% of the Policy Amount
Age 19 50% of the Policy Amount
Age 20 55% of the Policy Amount
Total Endowment Payouts 190% of the Policy Amount
Graduation Bonus at Age 21*** Return of 20% of Total Basic Annual Premium
GRAND TOTAL BENEFITS Ranges from 220% to 240% of the Policy Amount
Paying for an educational savings program for 5 years will allow your child to enjoy the benefits until they graduate. Because graduation is a great milestone, your child will receive a graduation bonus at age 21, which is 20% of the total basic annual premium PLUS accumulated dividends.****

Achievers also provides you with financial security no matter what happens in the future. This 5-year educational savings plan comes with the following benefits:

Maturity Benefit:
20% of your Total Basic Annual Premium PLUS accumulated dividends****

Death Benefit:
Initial Death Benefit less Endowment payouts received PLUS accumulated dividends****

* Life Insurance refers to Death Benefit, which is equivalent to 200% of the Face Amount subject to Juvenile Lien, less any Endowment Payouts received
** Educational Fund refers to Endowment Payouts that will be received by the Policyowner for the Insured while the Insured is alive
*** Graduation bonus refers to the Maturity Benefit, which is equivalent to 20% of the Total Basic Annual Premium if the Insured is alive at maturity
**** Non-guaranteed