Help your child achieve everything they can imagine with Achievers; a 5-pay, 2-in-1 education and protection plan that offers:
Achievers protects your child with life insurance* until age 21 equal to 200% of the policy amount less any endowment payout received

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Payment Term
Issue Age
Minimum Policy Amount
5 years to pay 7 days old to Age 12 Php 200,000
- Available in Annual, Semi-annual, and Quarterly modes of payment
Achievers gives you an increasing educational fund** for your child which can be used for college expenses

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Endowment Payouts to be received
following the Insured's attainment of:
Educational Fund**
Age 17 40% of the Policy Amount
Age 18 45% of the Policy Amount
Age 19 50% of the Policy Amount
Age 20 55% of the Policy Amount
Total Endowment Payouts 190% of the Policy Amount
Graduation Bonus at Age 21*** Return of 20% of Total Basic Annual Premium
GRAND TOTAL BENEFITS Ranges from 220% to 240% of the Policy Amount
Because graduation is a great milestone, your child will receive a graduation bonus at age 21 which is 20% of the total basic annual premium PLUS accumulated dividends.****

Maturity Benefit:
20% of your Total Basic Annual Premium PLUS accumulated dividends****

Death Benefit:
Initial Death Benefit less Endowment payouts received PLUS accumulated dividends****

* Life Insurance refers to Death Benefit, which is equivalent to 200% of the Face Amount subject to Juvenile Lien, less any Endowment Payouts received
** Educational Fund refers to Endowment Payouts that will be received by the Policyowner for the Insured while the Insured is alive
*** Graduation bonus refers to the Maturity Benefit, which is equivalent to 20% of the Total Basic Annual Premium if the Insured is alive at maturity
**** Non-guaranteed
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SPHERe: Savings and Investment, Protection, Health, Education, and Retirement.
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