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I do not have an Allianz Well or Allianz eAZy Health Policy
I have an Allianz Well, Allianz eAZy Health or Allianz Shield policy with Essential Care/ Essential Care Plus Rider

5% off on laboratory and diagnostic services

Unlimited consultation with Primary Care Physician (in-clinic) for 6 months

10% off on laboratory and diagnostic services

10% off on MyLifestyle Executive Check-up packages

Unlimited consultation with Primary Care Physician (in-clinic) for 12 months

MyHealth Clinic is a premiere, multi-specialty and full-service outpatient clinic with 14 years of service to the Filipino people. MyHealth believes that healthcare should be of quality and accessible, and so they provide the entire spectrum of medical services that patients need to take better care of their health. They continuously strive to deliver compassionate, convenient, cost-effective, and outcome-based healthcare services to our patients with the help of their network of competent and dedicated medical professionals.

Allianz Healthbox members are entitled to exclusive discounts for laboratory & diagnostic services, lifestyle packages, and free unlimited in-clinic consultation in all MyHealth branches.

T&C applies.

  1. Go to any MyHealth Clinic branch
  2. Present the healthbox e-mail showing the discount you receive from Allianz PNB Life
  3. Avail preferred service

For inquiries you may call MyHealth branches here.

  • Benefits are non-transferrable and shall only benefit the Allianz Healthbox member.
  • No other discounts shall apply upon availment.
  • The 6 months – 1 year unlimited in-clinic consultation will start upon first successful consultation.