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Childfam-Possibilities Psychosocial Services Co. (CPPS) is a well-being center that provides professional biopsychosocial services geared towards improved mental health, maximum effectiveness, and fullness of life. These services include counseling and psychotherapy, psychiatric consultation, psychological assessment, and seminar-workshops.  CPPS support a wide variety of concerns from normal stress and life transitions to clinical depression, anxiety, and trauma. All their sessions are online, so you can access confidential and professional support from the safety and comfort of your homes. For more information, please visit their website.

CPPS offers online counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric consultation, and psychological assessment.

Counseling and psychotherapy services are “talking interventions." Through a confidential, professional, and trusting relationship, a psychologist will guide you to get to know yourself better, ventilate emotions, explore thoughts/feelings/behavior, and plan for change.  

Psychiatric consultations are sessions with medical doctors who can provide pharmacotherapy or medication support for mental health needs. 

Psychological assessment is the integration of data from psychological test results, interviews, and observations in order to support self-knowledge,  diagnose psychosocial needs and conditions, and assist in the development of treatment plans.

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